Elephant Service Station

This old service station in Roanoke, AL  doesn’t look like it has pumped gas in quite a few years.  One can only wonder what inspired the concept!

About Bob Bell

Bob Bell is an archaeologist and right of way agent, residing in rural Western Kentucky.

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2 Responses to Elephant Service Station

  1. Oliver Kitchens says:

    I know exactly what inspired this concept. My granddaddy built it and my Dad modified it. This was built as a rocky cliff with a light house on top. It was at an intersection on US Highway 22, which also ran through downtown Roanoke. The highway was known back then as the Florida Short Cut. Tourists would stop at the intersection stop light; see the weird building, pull in to take pictures, and buy refreshments and fill up with gas. Granddaddy paid for the building with the tourist trade. Over time the lighthouse on top leaked and was taken down. Then my Dad cut off part of south end of the building to make room for his used car operation next door, where he later built the first ever self service gas station in Randolph County. As the years passed, people forgot about the light house and, in trying to figure out what the building was supposed to be, came up with the idea of it being an elephant; hence the name “elephant service station”. The new owner painted it with the eye; further enhancing the elephant image.

  2. Oliver Kitchens says:

    Here is a link to a picture with the lighthouse still attached but after part was cut off by my Dad to make room for his used car operation next door. https://www.flickr.com/photos/freddybrown/11369474995/

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