Carter’s Mill, Kentucky

Carter’s Mill, located on Clark’s River, near Symsonia, KY, 1987.  At one time the town supported a saw mill, general store and grist mill.

About Bob Bell

Bob Bell is an archaeologist and right of way agent, residing in rural Western Kentucky.

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2 Responses to Carter’s Mill, Kentucky

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Bob Bell

    Hello Bob Bell
    My name is Frank Renard my father used to run that old saw mill back in the fourties
    in fact he had a truck just like the one in the picture it was a 19 40 international k-40
    really appreciate the picture it brings back some old memories

  2. Bonnie Mae Turner Walton says:

    Thanks for the picture Bob! This is Bonnie, used to be, Turner. Remember me from the old C.B. days? lol Carol, my sis, is collecting material for a book on Symsonia & surrounding area. When you have time, stop by the Symsonia Video store and visit with her. I’m sure she would appreciate any pictures or other input from you! Tell you brothers I said “Hello”. Craig was in my class.

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